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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What towns constitute the Nauset Little League?
A. The Nauset Little League accepts players from Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro & Provincetown

2. Is the Nauset Little League for boys only?
A. No. Girls are welcome to play in the league.

3. What is the age range for players in the Nauset Little League?
A. There are two divisions – the Minor League and the Major League. For the most part, the Minor League includes players aged 8-11 and the Major League players aged 10-12

4. What happens if a 9 year old is evaluated talented enough to play in the Major League?
A. Before a 9 year old player is allowed to play in the Major League, he/she must have permission from their parent(s)/guardian(s). The decision to allow your 9 year old player to play in the Major League should include consideration of the benefits of playing with older, often more accomplished players vs. more playing time in the Minor League.

5. How many teams are in each League?
A. It depends on the number of registrants for that particular season.

6. How are the teams chosen?
A. The league contracts with an independent group to conduct a 1-day tryout/evaluation open to anyone wishing to play in the league, meeting all of the eligibility requirements. If your child played in Nauset Little League Major Leagues during the prior season, they are NOT required to attend Evaluations. Only players meeting the following criteria are required to be evaluated:
1. New, registered player of any age
2. Minor League player wishing to advance to the Major Leagues
3. Returning Minor League player

*Each player will be evaluated on their throwing, fielding and batting skills. NO ONE IS CUT. Using these evaluations, the coaches will participate in a draft that will fill out each team’s roster fairly.

7. Do players stay with the same team year to year?
A. Each year, Minor League coaches are allowed to keep 5 players from the previous year’s team. All other players go back into the pool to be drafted from. This applies ONLY to the Minor League Division. Once a player enters the Major League Draft and is placed on a Major League roster they remain on that team until they graduate from the Major Leagues.

8. When does the season start and how long is it?
A. The tryout-evaluation takes place in March, with the Draft soon after, and practices in early April. Games start in mid-April. The championship game for the Major Leagues and Minor Leagues will be in late June.

9. What personal equipment should players have?
A. Nauset Little League provides each player a hat, shirt, stockings and belt. Each team is issued practice and game balls, several batting helmets and bats, as well as catching equipment, including catcher’s glove.

Each player should provide his/her own glove, baseball pants with belt loops (check with your coach to see if they should be grey or white), rubber baseball cleats and proper practice clothing. They may also bring their own bat, batting helmet and catcher’s equipment.

All players MUST wear an athletic supporter/cup

10. Does Nauset Little League sponsor tournament teams?
A. We may sponsor 2 tournament teams each year. One team consists of 11 and 12 year-olds and participates in the Little League World Series double-elimination tournament. The other team consists of 10 and 11 year-olds and participates in the Massachusetts State level tournament.

In addition to the tournament teams sponsored by Nauset Little League, other teams may be formed by volunteers to participate in various town-sponsored tournaments. These tournament teams are also known as “All Stars”. These tournaments and teams are independent of the league and Little League International.

11. How can I help?

1. Coaching
Each team has a head coach/manager and 2 assistants. If you feel you would like to help coach, please email the Board of Directors of Nauset Little League at:

2. Monetarily
Nauset Little League is funded by annual player entry fees and support from the community. There are a number of ways to help financially. Direct donations and sponsorship are sought after each year. Please email for more information.

3. Volunteering
There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time with Nauset Little League:

1). Field Maintenance-prior to and during the season
2). Assist the players in preparing the field before and after games and practices
3). Umpiring Minor League games (certification is preferred but not required)
4). Team Parent to assist the Head Coach in team administration and communication
5). Participate on a League committee
4. Support the players, coaches and umpires

The players, coaches and parents are governed by a code of conduct that is signed annually by all prior to the season. Nauset Little League takes this code of conduct seriously. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of baseball as well as the skills to be good sports.

Some spectators consider it part of the sport to disrespect the umpires, but this is not tolerated at any Nauset Little League games. Our umpires do the very best they can to be consistent and impartial. In the Minor League in particular, the umpires are likely to be local middle and high school players. Umpiring is difficult enough without the added pressure of players, coaches and spectators arguing every call.

With all this in mind…Let’s Play Ball and Have Fun!

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